Reputation Management


The unfortunate side effect of published ratings is that bad ones can drown out good ones. Cleaning them up has become as necessary a Marketing work-item as touting your features and benefits.


Solution Reputation management facilitates:

  • Build and maintain a positive brand image.
  • Mitigate potential risks and enhance customer trust.
Reputation management encompasses three key elements:
  • Channel Partner Management
  • Mini CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Educational and Informative Methods


Channel Partner Management

To improve our sales, performance, and market reach, we make sure to work closely with our distribution partners and manage our traffic strategically.

We focus on effectively managing our partner networks to increase product distribution and make it easier for customers to access our products.

  • Partner Onboarding
  • Performance Tracking
  • Incentive Programs (Lending, Risk Bonus)


Mini CRM

This affiliate solution offers reliable tools for conversion tracking, fraud detection, referral programs, and marketing channel management.

It also helps with traffic segmentation and offers campaigns tailored to the capacity and type of traffic, while limiting bad quality traffic.


Educational And Informative Methods

Creating clean content such as webinars, white-papers, and educational content to inform and engage partners and target audience.

Educational and informative methods position the brand as a valuable resource, building trust and authority.

Educational Content: Creating clear content that informs and educates audiences on relevant topics as product, educational content establishes the brand as a knowledgeable industry resource and builds trust avoice reputation in worse case.

Use Case

What our customers say

During 2 years of cooperation, HyperLead has come up with a solution to the problem that Shinhan encountered in a very effective way and achieved results very quickly. The services that HyperLead provides meet our current needs.

Nguyen Anh Minh
Deputy Director - Shinhan Bank Vietnam

Ban Viet Bank is very satisfied with the service provided by HyperLead. The company provided quality and accurate Lead Generation solutions as per our requirements. Nhi was very impressed with HyperLead achieving 100% of the KPIs the team set, clearly demonstrating their professionalism and efforts.

Phan Thanh Nhi
Digital Marketing - BVBank

The new user growth rate is rapid while HyperLead still keeps customer satisfaction. The active-user banking accounts has doubled compared to our expectations.

Marketing Leader - TNEX Digital Bank



Mitigation of Negative Ratings Impact

HyperLead's Reputation Management solution effectively mitigates negative ratings by strategically managing unfavorable feedback. It ensures a positive online reputation that resonates with potential customers.


Essential Marketing Work-Item

In today's digital age, managing online ratings is as important as promoting your product. HyperLead acknowledges this need and offers Reputation Management to help businesses maintain a positive brand image, even amidst the challenges of online reviews.


Proven Expertise in BFSI Reputation Management

HyperLead has 6+ years of experience in BFSI sector reputation management, with successful case studies to prove their expertise. They offer tailored strategies to enhance brand image without impacting customer trust or loyalty.